Deep Sky Chile – Telescope Hosting Services in Chile

Astronomy Plus is the Canadian representative of Deep Sky Chile! If you are interested in their services, contact us.

Deep Sky Chile offers telescope hosting services in Chile since February 2019. This innovative company gives you the opportunity to install your own telescope under one of the most beautiful skies in the world, in one of its collective or private observatories, and to control it from a distance. Ideally located above 1700m, the observatories benefit from more than 300 clear nights a year, an exceptional sight and a 360° clear horizon. Each guest enjoys his own high-speed internet connection!

DeepSkyChile Observatories

Founded by Franck Jobard and Cédric Thomas, two French astrophotographers, the company also offers customs clearance, transport and installation services. Franck, now based in Chile, lives near the observatories and provides on-site installation and maintenance. Guests can also come to Chile to set up their own equipment and enjoy their stay to visit international observatories in the region.

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