Baader 2″ Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism (Visual / Photographic)


  • Our latest version incorporates an innovative internal Light Trap and Ceramic Tile backplate developed by Baader Planetarium. This development takes the Herschel Wedge into the 21st Century, by rendering the output energy cool and diffused, while completely sealing the prism body! In all other herschel designs, the waste energy is simply deflected out of the rear face of the prism by an angled mirror, also leaving openings for accidental or prying fingers to discover… Thanks to Baader Planetarium, this concern has now been completely removed. In place of the typical output mirror is a coated multi-layered perforated steel screen. The bright light and heat energy are harmlessly diffused. The special die-cast magnesium body also conducts away the heat more efficiently than aluminum. The remaining light is passed into a special translucent ceramic back plate.
  • Integrated Solar Finder. Another unique aspect of the new Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism is the integrated solar finder. The sun’s defocused image can be readily seen projected onto the translucent ceramic backplate, permitting fast and easy aiming.
  • Each Baader Safety Herschel Wedge also includes a pre-installed 2″ Solar Continuum Filter! With the Solar Continuum, the contrast and image stability is further enhanced in all telescopes (APOs as well as Achromats). Users of Achromats will find the Solar Continuum is indispensible, providing an image that rivals the sharpness and contrast of an Apochromat (with the Solar Continuum the image is presented in a deep lime green color). The combination of the Herschel Wedge and Solar Continuum Filter delivers the finest solar views obtainable with any white-light telescope. The Solar Continuum filter may be removed by the user for pure white light views, if desired (but the ND=3.0 must not be removed).
  • We offer two versions of the Herschel Wedge: The lower priced Version-V (visual) comes with the pre-installed ND=3.0/1:1000 (required for safe viewing), and a pre-installed 2″ Solar Continuum Filter. The Version-P (photographic) starts with the Version-V and adds 3 additional Baader ND filters (ND1.8/1:64, ND0.9/1:8, ND0.6/1:4 ). The additional ND filters are handy for further dimming the image by using in place of the Continuum filter for white light viewing, or attaching to eyepieces or a T2-15 Reducer, and are particularly useful for imaging. Please refer to the More Info page for additional information.
  • All of the fine-optically polished genuine Baader ND filters incorporate special anti-reflection multi-coatings, to further eliminate light scatter and ghosting for maximum image contrast. The result is image quality unachievable with any other ND filter.
  • Each Safety Herschel Wedge now includes a custom foam lined carrying case that holds the Herschel Wedge along with storage area for all of the filters provided in the P version.

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