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Be aware of fake Astronomy Plus Website // Free Shipping for orders over $500* Some exceptions may apply.
Be aware of fake Astronomy Plus Website // Free Shipping for orders over $500* Some exceptions may apply.

About Us

About Astronomy Plus  

(Previously Lire la Nature)
Since 1988, Astronomy Plus values the quality of customer experience, which allows them to offer customized services and outstanding post-sale support.
The team’s passion for astronomy and astrophotography comes with unrivaled expertise and a desire to exchange tips and knowledge along the learning curve of your equipment.
We offer the largest selection of telescopes, cameras and accessories in Canada. From the apprentice to the more experienced through professional organizations, there is something to suit every taste at Astronomy Plus.

Our Story

We thought it would be a good idea to update you on our progress and let you knowour little story. So, here is a brief summary of our progress over the last few years in business.

1988: Stefan Broquet, the owner, has been a passionate amateur astronomersince he saw everything young, the superb film 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Stanley Kubrick. While working with his father, in a publishing house, he started selling Meade and Celestron telescopes in a small adjacent room in La Prairie.


The 90's: Subsequently, seeing that he did not have enough space, he moved to Longueuil on the Chambly road. Business was growing. Appreciated in the field, thanks to the support customers and the choice of equipment, business began to really take shape for the shop. Several new suppliers have been contacted, in particular the precursor of the instruments astronomical CCDs, Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG). So we became the first reseller of SBIG CCD cameras. This was the real beginning of the story.

Store in 2020, Before relookingStore in 2020, Before relooking

2000's: Internet boom, we launch our first website, this in the early 2000s, modestly reaching customers across Canada. We were one of the first
online stores in the area. A new page had just been turned!

first Astronomy Plus (lire la nature) website
First Astronomy Plus (lire la nature) website in 2001

2013: In the name of Reading Nature came the name Astronomy Plus, to join
more the community of amateur astronomers. The store moved in 2013 to a location more strategic, in order to adapt to the changes in consumption habits brought about by the online business. A little less shop space but more storage.

2010 astronomy plus website

Astronomy Plus website in 2010, still far from where we are right now!


2016: We lost a colleague and friend, Erik. It was a great loss for our company and customers who knew him. We are thinking of you Erik.

 Astronomy plus website in 2017 / ZWO Products announcement

2020: In early 2020, we launched a new, easier to navigate website for
online orders. We have also changed our name permanently to Astronomy Plus.
In April 2020, Stefan's daughter, Marika, joined the team, bringing a breath of fresh air with new ideas, having a lot of ambition. Astronomy Plus would now be a family estate business. Moreover, in 2020, because of the containment measures, people seeking new hobbies, interest in astronomy grew very quickly. From now on, astronomy, astrophotography and ornithology have grown considerably. 

Website Launch in 2020. 

2021: With the labor shortage still being felt, Marika's spouse, Yanic Trudeau,
joined the team in December 2020, bringing his invaluable background in IT. More ... than never, we became a family business! We were also the first store in Canada offering smart telescopes as Vaonis and Unistellar in our inventory. 

growing our inventory, need more space, we had to rent extra space.

2022: August 2022, having a lot of problems with website speed, we had to start working on a new, more efficient website. We also attended Starfest in Ontario for the first time. (We will also participate more often in astronomy events in the future) We met real enthusiasts there, including several customers. It was a great experience! Our friend Benjamin was present, sharing his passion for astrophotography. In September, we also gave our store a well-deserved makeover. We invite you to come and meet us.

Astronomy Plus tent at Starfest 2022, in Ayton.


January 2023: Finally it's the launch of our new website. We also always serve customers who purchased their first equipment from us in 1988 at our La Prairie location!
We want say thank you to our new customers and a special thanks to customers who are supporting us since 1988! We still on business thanks of you.

Staff Members

Stefan (Owner)
LX90 8''
Sky-Watcher Flextube Synscan 250P
EVscope II Unistellar
Vaonis Vespera
Marika (Manager) & Yanic (I.T)
William optics Redcat 71
ioptron Cem26
Zwo ASI294MC-P
William Optics 50mm Guide Scope
ZWO Asi290mini Guiding Camera
L-Extreme Filter
Alain (Sales & Support)
William Optics Redcat 51
Recently New owner of an ioptron CEM40
Optolong Filters
Simon (Sales & Website)
Visual Observer


Revy is our last team member! :)