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Be aware of fake Astronomy Plus Website // Free Shipping for orders over $500* Some exceptions may apply.
Be aware of fake Astronomy Plus Website // Free Shipping for orders over $500* Some exceptions may apply.

Innovations Foresight Warranty

Innovations Foresight Warranty

Innovations Foresight products are covered by a limited, non-transferable, one year warranty, unless otherwise noted. The warranty starts at the day of shipping.
Returns under warranty requires a per-approval authorization from Innovations Foresight. Please contact our customer service department before returning any product under warranty.

The Customer must provide the original proof of purchase which demonstrates compliance with the above conditions to receive any services under this warranty.

The warranty only applies where a defect has arisen, wholly or substantially, as a result of faulty manufacture, parts or workmanship during the warranty period.

The warranty does not apply where damage is caused by other factors, including without limitation:

(a) normal wear and tear;
(b) abuse, mishandling, accident or failure to follow operating instructions;
(c) leaking batteries, or qeuivalent;
(d) exposure to liquid or infiltration of foreign particles, finger prints;
(e) servicing or modification of the product other than by Innovations Foresight, or their authorized service agents;
(f) use of the product with other accessories, attachments, product supplies, parts or devices that do not conform to Innovations Foresight specifications or recommendations;
(h) shipment or other transit.

This warranty does not cover:

(a) the replacement of any consumables, such as batteries, …;
(c) software provide with, or for, the products;
(d) repair or replacement of any product damaged during transit to or from Innovations Foresight; or
(e) any loss or consequential damage incurred while the product is being repaired.

Innovations Foresight should be solely responsible to decide whether a warranty claim meets the above requirements and limitations.
When Innovations Foresight agrees with a warranty claim, it is its choose to repair or replace the defective product.
Innovations Foresight will do its best to repair, or provide a new product to the customer in an timely manner, however Innovations Foresight cannot commit to any delivery, or shipping dates.

Unless otherwise noted, or agreed with Innovations Foresight, the shipping and handling cost of any product returned under warranty is at the customer charge. Innovations Foresight will usually pay all the shipping and handling cost to return the repaired, or a new product to the customer.