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BE AWARE OF ASTRONOMY PLUS WEBSITE COPY. // Free Shipping for orders over 500 $* Some exception may apply.
BE AWARE OF ASTRONOMY PLUS WEBSITE COPY. // Free Shipping for orders over 500 $* Some exception may apply.

Kendrick Warranty

Kendrick Warranty


Upon receipt of returned Product, Kendrick Astro Instruments (KAI) will assess the item/s to determine if they comply with the conditions of our warranty. Items that do comply will be, at our discretion, fixed or replaced free of charge. Items that are deemed to be out of warranty or have had their warranty voided will, with the customer's knowledge, be fixed at our costs specified below or replaced with new product paid for at full retail value. Items that have been returned for repair or assessment and are deemed to be in proper working order will have a $30.00 bench charge applied as well as return shipping costs. Repairable items that are out of warranty will be charged $30.00 per hour plus parts as well as return shipping costs.

KAI shall be entitled, at its discretion, to use new and/or reconditioned parts in performing warranty repair or providing a replacement Product. KAI also reserves the right to use parts or Product of original or improved design in any repair or replacement. All replaced Product and/or any parts removed from repaired Products become the property of KAI

If KAI chooses to repair or replace a Product, the above warranty will continue to apply and remain in effect for the balance of the warranty period calculated from the Sale Date (and not the repair or replacement date).

If KAI chooses to offer a credit towards the purchase of new Product, then the warranty in effect and applicable to the new Product shall apply to the new Product.

This warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, accidental, incidental or intentional abuse, tampering or the wear and tear of normal use or "Acts of God".

Restrictions and Limitations to KAI's Warranty.

This Warranty is not transferable and only applies to the original Purchaser.

KAI does not warrant the results obtained from the implementation of recommendations made by KAI or its authorized distributors and resellers concerning the use, design or application of KAI Products.

The end-user who purchases the Product assumes all responsibility and liability for loss or damage resulting from the handling or use of KAI Products.

KAI's liability on any claim, whether in warranty, contract, negligence, or any other legal theory, for loss, damage or injury arising directly or indirectly from or in relation to the use of the KAI Product shall in no event exceed the purchase price of the KAI Product which gave rise to the claim. IN NO EVENT SHALL KAI BE LIABLE FOR PUNITIVE, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES WHETHER FORSEEABLE OR NOT INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO LOSS OF PROFITS OR REVENUES, LOSS OF USE OF GOODS, OR LOSS OF BARGAIN.

The Warranty set out above is the sole warranty granted by KAI with respect to the Product. No oral understanding, representations or warranties shall be of any effect and Kendrick makes no further warranties, express or implied concerning the KAI Products other than the Warranty set out above. The Buyer, where permitted by applicable law, hereby expressly waives any statutory or implied warranty that the KAI Product shall be merchantable or fit for a particular purpose.

Kendrick Dew Remover System
Controllers: 1 year for parts and labour.
Heaters: 1 year for parts and labour.
Sensors: 1 year for parts and labour.
Kendrick Power Packs, Batteries and Power Related products.
Power Pack: 3 months for parts and labour. Battery Charger and associated parts: 1 year for parts and labour.
Non-Returnable. Non Refundable.
Kendrick Solar Filters
1 year for parts and labour.
Kendrick Bahtinov Focusing Masks
1 year for parts and labour.
Kendrick Tents
Limited 3 month warranty. Our tent warranty ccovers defects in workmanship and materials only and does not cover problems encountered through use, misuse of the tent or weather related mishaps.